Just too many people in world’s population suffer from a backache and slipped disk. Mostly, the reason is shocks or sudden movements while doing everyday activities like walking, lifting, or twisting your body for whatsoever reasons.A slipped disk can be in any part of your spine, i.e. from the neck to the lower back, lower back being the most commonly affected area.

Symptoms of a slipped disk include:

• Pain in the particular part of the body.

• Numbness in that part.

• Muscle Weakness

• Pain while walking distances.

• Pain when you are standing or sitting for a long time.

However bad it may sound, it can be treated pretty easily, only if you are careful enough. Dr. Suresh Bansal, an expert bone doctor in Delhi says, ‘Most of my patients who succeed to get rid of back pain or slipped disk aren’t those who just adhered to the medicines, but the ones who stuck to my advice regarding everyday activities’.

Said enough, Dr Suresh Bansal depends mostly on home-based treatment for back pain which includes posture precaution while bending or squatting and exercises based on individual cases.To book an appointment with backache specialist Dr Suresh Bansal, you can click here.