‘‘Blessed with a baby girl/boy’’ is currently most prevalent status on the walls of the people of my age. Undoubtedly birth of a baby is the most joyous moment for the whole family. But what about the newly born child? Shouldn’t he be blessed as well with all the health, comfort and happiness? What all we can do to give a healthy welcome to the child? Many a times, all we do is vaccinate the baby time to time and feel like our foremost duty is done. In many cases, overprotective and over-caring parents conduct regular trips to Pediatrician even after a single sneeze or a small harmless rash. But remember, nothing is fatal to health than over-care of it. To overcome these extreme reactions, the specific Ayurvedic regimen designed for newborns and their mothers comes very handy. It acts as a major protective shield for both of them and helps in building strong foundation of life-long health of both. 

Few handy Ayurvedic tips, which one can easily follow to avoid the illness and promote the wellness in the babies, are:

  1. Abhyanga: Regular mild massage with medicated oil (i.e. Abhyang) is a booster in the overall growth of the babies. It provides them with strength and ability to achieve various milestones with ease. It especially tones up the muscles and also has positive effect on skin texture as well as appetite of the baby. This tradition is still there in numerous Indian families as a part of our health-culture. 
  2. Dhoopan: The surroundings of the baby and mother should be fumigated regularly by burning of specific Ayurvedic herbs (like Neem, Guggul, Hingu etc.) mixed in ghee. It purifies the surrounding and acts as a firewall for the baby. 
  3. Vacha-Dharan: Vacha i.e. Acorus Calamos (Vekhand in Marathi) is a herb which is very effective and potent for the illnesses of the baby. It is told that baby and mother, both should have a small stick tied around their hand or neck. Vacha does not allow external factors to easily disturb the health of the baby as well as the mother.
  4. Health of Mother: Most of the times, the only reason behind the illness of the child is the vitiated milk of the mother. It is a very common scenario, that mother and baby show up with similar complaints and logic behind it are crystal clear. Mother's food nourishes breast-milk, breast-milk nourishes the baby. Therefore ultimately mother’s food affects the baby. If the mother doesn’t follow proper dietary regimen until the baby is breastfed, the baby suffers from many small yet nagging complaints. On the contrary specific diet and supplement helps the mother to generate good quality and quantity of milk. Also, medicines desired for baby, if given to the mother, reach to the baby in a harmless way. 

These are just a few of the simple and easy tips which can be followed by anybody and everybody. Ayurveda has explained all of this regimen with great depth and is definitely most relevant nowadays when challenges to our overall immunity are rising at a rapid speed. So let’s wake up in time and utilize this wisdom for better health prospects of coming generations.