Infertility is now a common word for society. Scientifically, infertility means inability to reproduce. It is a state of body that can affect the Reproductive system of male/female. Till date it was believed that only females can be infertile, but now society's changed its mind and accepted that males can also be equally infertile. 

Male Infertility includes

 1. Erectile dysfunction 

 2. Premature Ejaculation 

 3. Oligo /Azoospermia (less or no sperms in semen analysis

But difficulties in performance in bed causes inferior complex, mental stress, anxiety neurosis and spoils family relations. Ayurveda is the ideal science which includes healthy lifestyle for body and soul (mind). Many Ayurvedic sculptures states the "Vajikarana Chikitsa", narrating the healthy sexual life of a person (male/female) ultimately leading to healthy expansion of families.   


Many studies have reported that the excessive use of chemicals or fertilizers for more production of crop, makes the soil infertile. Such like that, today's fast, stressful, competitive lifestyle of a person with intake of extremely salty diet, junk food, spicy food, chemically generated food, oxytocin induced milk products, smoking, alcoholism, etc are predisposing factors that can result in male Infertility. 


Ayurvedic Medicines used for treating Erectile Dysfunction, Night Emission, Low sperm count, Low motility etc can make big positive changes in infertile males. It also helps to improve the quality and quantity of reproductive system and it produces healthy sperms in male and ovum in female.         

The healthy sperm and ovum can form healthy and mature fetus which is capable of new healthy generation to build a healthy nation.       

Meet an Ayurveda sexologist for understand the causes, symptoms and treatments available to cure problems of male infertility.