Cervical pain is often reported in younger and older working people who have to sit in one position for long hours. This can be also true for people who don’t usually work-out and give added stress to the cervical region (neck region). In Ayurveda, the root cause is said to be the Vata imbalance and must be dealt with in time, to avoid it from becoming a chronic and persisting problem throughout life.

1. Massage With Castor Oil and Sesame Oil

Cervical pain can hamper daily life activities, especially if you have long hours to work in front of your desk. It is important to keep stretching the cervical portion of your neck while taking a break from your work in between. To ease out the concerned muscles around the area, you can use castor or sesame oil. Make sure you warm the oil with a few cloves of garlic before engaging in a good massage for your cervical area.

2. Improving Your Diet With Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

To ease your muscle tension and heal the underlying pain for cervical vertebrae, your daily diet must be full of anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, cayenne pepper powder, ginger extracts, etc. These ingredients not only reduce pain but also help with bone-strengthening over a period of time. 

3. Pacifying Your Vata Dosha With Ayurvedic Ingredients

Cervical pain is a result of Vata dosha that can stiffen your internal bones and cause unnecessary pain if the body is not used to regular exercises and work-outs. The persistent pain can go on to be a chronic problem and must be dealt with Vata pacifying ingredients. Include ingredients like pure cow ghee, aloe vera, and amla juice regularly in your diet to balance the Vata dosha.