The disorders rising on the onset of winter include skin diseases and other breathing problems caused by WAATA dosha. Kalpataru Ayurvediya Chikitsalaya is poised for research and eradication of skin and allergic problems since 23 years.


A patient approached us on reading an article from the “Family Doctor”  edition of Daily Sakal newspaper issue. We were shocked to see this woman who was suffering from psoriasis since 10 years, dropping almost 200 grams of dandruff per day, her body covered in patches leaving not even a pinpoint on her skin. She could not even exit her house due to this dreadful disease. With the blessings of Lord Dhanvantari, accurate medicines and treatment cured her of this disease in 2 months time. After that, we continued to give her medicines to boost immunity, keep a check on skin cell division, and the required PANCHA KARMAS. Since then her grateful family is confidently referring other acquaintances and patients to us. That woman hasn’t got the recurrence of psoriasis, a disease notorious for its comebacks, in the following 10 years and continued. Even when denied by modern medicine, Ayurveda has proved right fact that in the absence of medication- proper care, daily exercise and diet management can  cure a person from psoriasis. The testimonials of over 6000 patients at Kalpataru Ayurvediya Chikitsalaya only reinforces this fact. We  perform effective treatment also for psoriasis induced arthritis which is yet another more complicated issue.

Respiratory Problems

Asthma and other breathing related disorders often trouble us in the winter and monsoon seasons. Modern medical science treats the allergy induced bronchoconstriction only by suppressing the allergy itself. For this, different sprays, tablets and inhalers are used. This is often rendered ineffective when the effects of the medicine stop or there is a slightest change in the diet and lifestyle of the individual. Ayurveda is the ultimate boon for these cases.In Ayurveda, we not only hold the respiratory tract responsible for asthma, but also the PRANAWAHA, ANNAWAHA, UDAKAWAHA systems. Hence, untimely meals, heavy-to-digest meals tend to disrupt the ANNAWAHA SROTA and hence disorient the breathing pattern. Many people fall prey to the common misconception that ‘drinking excess water is good’ and  this habit disrupts the UDAKAWAHA SROTA and hence the breathing pattern too--welcoming cough, asthma etc. Things like mental stress, tension and anger also tend to affect our breathing pattern in a bad way. This implies that only symptomatic medicines for allergy aren’t enough. 

According to Ayurveda, the systems, namely respiratory and digestive, are responsible for asthma. Digestion boosting medicines and respiratory  system enhancers coupled with PRANAYAMAS, stress management, control on excess water intake and the most important RASAYANA CHIKITSA which is performed on disappearance of symptoms is the key to accurate treatment for asthma. When the child is caught in the cycle of asthma attacks, constant cold, recurrent cough --- antibiotics, bronchodilators, sprays, inhalers can be cut down  permanently by Ayurveda; their parents bow before  Ayurveda. The doctor concerned also feels great satisfaction.