Coffee shops and cafes are first choice for places to hang out at. As you're hanging out, you often order a large delicious coffee drink with 5 word names, out of which none make any sense. But it doesn't matter, since it tastes great!

Have you ever wondered what goes into the drink, to make it so delicious! Most fancy coffee drinks come loaded with calories because they're made with lots of cream, caramel, sugar syrup, ice cream, cookie crumbles, chocolate bits and all sorts of high calorie goodies. All those ingredients are loaded with sugar, which make you fat. Same goes for all the pastries, cookies, etc.

So, sugar promotes fat storage, makes you sleepy and is related to suppressing the immune system.

So, how do you go to a coffee shop and not damage your waistline? Pick a coffee drink with some low fat milk, or if you want the caffeine kick, go for an expresso, cafe latte (with low fat milk) or a cappuccino. Ask the cafe for some honey, to replace the sugar.