Asthma is a breathing disorder and Allergies could be a respiratory/skin/food.      

These problems are rising day by day. Most common causes are:

  • Low immunity
  • Hereditary
  • Pollution
  • Imbalanced or improper eating habits
  • Chemical in food or adulteration

Every day I see many such cases. Many of them come to homoeopathy when they can’t get relief or suffer from the side effects of their regular anti-allergic or steroid medicines. 

In Homoeopathy, medicines are prepared from natural substances Its action is based on nanoscience principle. Very small doses act effectively with sustain results without any side effects for the longest time.   Homoeopathy medicines boost your own body immunity in a natural way to fight the disease or antigen and restore your health back to normal.

Medicine selection depends on "Individuality" that means every person is different from, another and so the medicines are, We have thousands of medicines to choose for the problem, Here the skill of knowledge and experience of Homoeopath matters. Most Acute or recent cases show very fast good results because the disease hasn’t yet affected other organ or not deep-seated. In chronic cases, the disease has deeply invaded the body so medicine selection has to be gentle and slow. Homeopathy has proven track record for wholesome treatment in such cases with complete relief from the illness.