If you're someone who is spending long hours in front of a computer, we have 6 ways for you to keep your eyes healty:

  1. IT’S ALL IN A BLINK – Computer users have an unstable tear film due to improper and infrequent blinking. A healthy person blinks approximately 16times/minute. So blink frequently, auto suggest yourself, to overcome the habit of staring at computer screen.
  2. AVOID GLARE - To reduce the discomfort, make changes in your computer settings to maximum contrast and minimum brightness. Avoid keeping your computer against a light source/window.
  3. LUBRICATE - If you are experiencing mild dryness, irritation, watering in your eyes, wash them gently with clean water frequently. Lubricating drops too can be used.
  4. 20-20-20 rule - Remember to look at distance of 20 feet every 20 minutes of computer work and blink 20 times.
  5. SPECTACLE CORRECTIONS - Even a small uncorrected refractive error can make your eyes very uncomfortable while working on computers. So always wear latest corrected glasses and have a good antiglare coating on your glasses for computers.
  6. EAT HEALTHY - A good balanced diet rich in green vegetables and yellow fruits (Papaya, Mango) and plenty of fluids will keep your eyes healthy all your life!