Don't be afraid of change because it's leading you to a new beginning ' - Joyce Meyers.

Every time someone said, "Oh Rajesh look how you've changed !", I would certainly get a little edgy. Is it my hair ? or my face? Do I look stressed out? Why did they say I've changed....maybe they mean as a person. I always considered change negative, until I started practicing cosmetic dentistry.

Working as a dental cosmetologist makes you look at change in a completely different light. When I started out with smaller cases like building up a chipped tooth or closing the large gap between my clients front teeth I saw a confidence boost, they smiled more, they looked happier and I realized, Hey change isn't a bad thing after all.

Because of the lack of exposure to cosmetic dentistry many people fail to realize the drastic effects a smile makeover can do for them. Just like sometimes a new haircut or the right makeup can change the way you look, getting cosmetic work done on your smile can knock down barriers.

Many times clients come in with a mixture of apprehension as well as eagerness. They want to change their smile but are not completely aware of what a smile makeover can do for them. Which is why it is very important that I approach every cosmetic case in a particular manner. It is important to understand the patient's needs and educate the patient about the importance of a smile makeover that is sync with form and function. Once I gain the patients confidence apprehension is replaced with excitement.

So don't be afraid, sometimes a little change is a good thing!