"Dear stress let's break up" this kind of a break up is the best one, one can have especially when it comes to acne.

Acne (pimple) is a very common skin condition, which is frustrating for most people . Often patients self medicate to get rid of the painful bumps so that they heal faster.

The top 5 mistakes while self medicating for acne would be :

1) Use of steroids for treating acne, which are available off the counter. These creams initially makes the skin look clear but eventually worsen acne, cause thinning of the surface due to which there is a itching and burning sensation on the affected area and growth of hair. Hence, steroid usage is the worst thing for acne.

2) Excessive washing of face with a soap or face wash, leads to rebound dryness, so it's best that a face wash is used twice a day to wash face and rest of the time splash plain water on face.

3) Pinching or squeezing the acne leads to deep scars, conscious efforts have to be made to keep hands away from pimples.

4) Use of strong house hold remedies like lemon, toothpaste, garlic etc. to heal acne leads to a bad burn like reaction on face, it's best avoided.

5) Acne is a disorder which leads to a lot of anxiety, depression and social isolation, if any family member is going through a state like this, it's time to step up and seek professional help to not only treat acne with a dermatologist but also counselling which provides help and support to heal.

Mistakes are learning curves to propel us towards the righteous decisions. Hope these 5 pointers help shed light on the common errors when self treating acne.