Some people are naturally positive. They see the metaphorical glass half full. They wake up in the morning and look forward to the day.

Gratitude helps us maintain our emotional balance. Gratitude helps us have a positive outlook when things aren’t going well. It helps us in having healthy relationships with others.

Gratitude helps us to grow

Gratitude makes us humble. That’s the opposite of being egotistical and arrogant. No one likes proud people. Humble people are more likable.

Humility also helps us keep an open mind, since we don’t believe we know everything. With an open mind we are ever ready to fresh inputs from others. These inputs help us grow. Our progress is contingent on how much we are willing to learn.

Gratitude can be learnt

Gratitude can be learnt as a spiritual practice. A counselor once asked me: what are you grateful for? When I began to list the things I was grateful for, I was surprised. It was a long list. For instance, I am grateful that I am alive today, that my family loves me, that I have food to eat, that I have a house to live in, I have friends, I have clothes, I have enough money, I am healthy…and so on.

Gratitude for health and happiness

There is scientific evidence that shows that people who practice gratitude are able to achieve more satisfaction, happiness, and are healthier. These people take better care of themselves and have less sleep issues. Gratitude leads to positive psychological health. People become more social, less isolated, less lonely, more compassionate and helpful towards others.

Whenever you are faced with a problem, do not see it as a hassle. Call it a blessing. Problems are inevitable. Problems are actually opportunities to learn. Problems are stepping stones to greater growth. In every situation, try and see the positive side and be grateful.

Whenever you are struggling with a problem, make a gratitude list! Cultivate your gratitude by looking at the beauty of small things – a sunset, a flower, a cake.

Every moment of gratitude makes you stronger!