Smartphones are a BANE AND A BOON at the same time. Technology does connect us and provide us with useful and relevant information but at the same time, the increase in the usage of smartphones has made it more of a nuisance for parents of young adults and adults as well. 

Are you still unsure if you or your loved one is a smartphone addict? Don't worry check the list below and answer honestly and get to know instantly whether you are addicted or just bordering on addiction. ALL THE BEST!

1. Do you take your phone to the bathroom? Yes/No

2. Do you check your phone even when not required? Yes/No 

3. Do you constantly run out of battery? Yes/No 

4. As soon as you wake up you check your phone like the newspaper? Yes/No

5. Before going to bed it's the last thing you see? Yes/No 

6. You are on your phone during social situations? Yes/No 

7. During vacations, you can't stop clicking selfies? Yes/No

8. You turn to your phone when you feel awkward in conversations? Yes/No 

9. You are on your phone while eating/drinking anything? Yes/No 

10. You get a panic attack if you leave your phone at home? Yes/No 

If you get more than 5 answers as YES, then you are addicted to your smartphone. 

Here are some tips to curb this addiction and to get more out of life and those precious moments:

  • Try and calculate the amount of time you spend on your phone: This has to be the first step in actually understanding how much time you spend unnecessarily on your smartphone browsing through sites or even doing online shopping. Once you have the time then you can move on to the next steps.
  • Make a realistic TIME OFF period: Once you have established the extra hours spent, now its time to make a goal to stay away from your phone for a required time period. This could include eating with your family without using your phone on the dinner table or meeting a friend for coffee and keeping your phone inside your bag/ purse. Enjoy the moments with real people. 
  • Delete unused apps: Do a phone cleansing once in a while. Try and delete all the apps which you don't require and only use very rarely. Keeping many applications leads to temptations. So try and have minimum apps on your phone 
  • Turn off your phone before bed: Many of us find ourselves browsing through our phone in the middle of the night for hours straight. Make a new habit of switching off notifications or your phone before you go to sleep. Also, try and avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning. Start your day with healthy human interaction and some peaceful time for your own self.
  • Use an actual alarm: They are still available in the market and serve the same purpose. Don't give yourself excuses regarding alarms on the phone, go to the market today and purchase an actual alarm.

Smartphones are meant to help us lead better and more productive lives. But when we succumb to smartphone addiction, we become slaves to our phone. This affects our relationships, work, and life. Try and get out of the cycle. Like its said " Its never TOO LATE"