The Positioning of food products as healthy has become as fashionable as people joining a gym. Unfortunately, most of these so-called health products are not as healthy as the natural counterparts of these. For example, packaged soups do not carry half as many health benefits of natural soup simply because nutrition cannot be stored for such a long time. Besides, all the preservatives used to improve the shelf life of these perishable goods destroys the antioxidant qualities of the vegetables. The ingredients used are also of not the best quality, leaving the major content of the soup to be actually starch, sugar and sodium. The vegetable content of any packaged soup is almost negligible beside containing depleted nutrients. Here are the three critical components of a pre-packaged soup that might be causing harm to your family’s health.

Corn flour

The packaged soups have a very high amount of corn flour for a thick consistency. Some major health hazard of corn flour is that it raises the blood sugar content. It leads to the Yo-Yo effect which is harmful to one’s health. It further leads to fat deposition in the body, which makes one hungrier and further leads to overeating. Corn flour leaves an adverse effect on the intestine.


Packaged soups contain very high amount of salt. This is extremely not recommended for people suffering from blood pressure or even those who have borderline blood pressure as high salt will increase their levels. Excess of salt causes is linked with osteoporosis, asthma, kidney diseases and stomach cancer sometimes; it also causes water retention and edema.


In packaged soups amount of preservatives is also very high. Coal Tar Azo Dyes, sulfites, etc are some kinds of preservatives which are present in soups. Such kind of preservatives can also cause cancer and other health hazards. Moreover, all the nutrients in a packaged soup are in powdered form (dehydrated) and when these nutrients come in contact with heat, they lose all the essential vitamins. Besides these soups only contain empty calories that get stored in your body and don’t get absorbed immediately as they are void of any nutrition. Most people tend to gravitate towards these products because of fantastic marketing, convenience and affordability of these products. Don’t be short-sighted and only think for now and not the larger picture of good health. The money that you think you are saving on buying these cheap products is actually adding to your medical bills later in life. Point is to be aware of your actions and do things in moderation. Go and enjoy these packaged soups as some of them are quite tasty (not healthy) and might work as a great comfort food. But do not make the mistake of blindly considering something sold as healthy without evaluating the truth behind it. 

To uncomplicated life & health its time to go back to the basics and start eating things in its most natural form to derive maximum health benefits out of it. If you enjoy your soups then stick to the clear soups which are homemade.