Are you sick of people always telling you that you look exhausted. You get enough sleep and you drink lots of water but those dark circles still cause stares and make you look much older than you really are.

Dark circles is one of the major concerns for women seeking treatment for cosmetic reasons.

What are the reasons for dark circles?

It’s a combination of heredity and genetics, fatigue and dehydration, but most likely the culprit causing chronic dark circles is excess skin pigmentation which happens because of ethnic variation for Indian population. 

Sun exposure increases the chances of dark circles.

Also, dark circles are related to dilated blood vessels and aging – which causes skin to thin and can darken the area. Unfortunately, to erase them completely is not possible. However, you can minimize their effects by knowing their causes, finding good solutions and choosing the right products.

How to treat them?

1) Protection: Use an SPF 30 sunscreen daily. A moisturizer as a base and a concealer can also be used to cover up as a protective layer ( camouflage + protection)

2) Diet changes: If you have puffy eye bags along with dark circles then reducing salt intake can help in reducing the puffiness.

3) Don't rub the eyes, as rubbing makes it darker

4) Use of eye brightening serums every night will help in reducing the lines around the eyes and eventually helps in fading the dark circles

5) After drinking chamomile tea, don’t throw the tea bags away. Put them in the refrigerator to chill and then place them over your eyes for 10 minutes three times a week. They are a great remedy for fighting tiredness.

6) A dermatologist's consultation and under eye treatments available at the dermatologist clinic should be considered if everything else fails.