'ANXIETY' - modern day devil a perspective.

 ANXIETY, described a very common emotional reaction in today's times can  cause & maintain many physical, psychological problems ,which inevitably becomes what are known as psycho somatic in nature.

Described as 'STRESS'  in daily parlance  has become major factor in most of diseases from skin isuues like eczema, psoriasis to deep seated diseases like ischaemic heart disease to cancers.

How is this happen?

In today's times when "DEMAND"  &  "EXPECTATIONS"  from life  has changed drastically which  creates "STRAIN"  in people's thoughts,actions & resultant effects  which we  are unaware till the body tells us in the form of "DIS -EASE."

What is required is to  have  a balanced approach  to life, clear idea & asssessment of our goals in professional & personal life& awareness about how to create  the right balance.

We need to make clear distinction between "NEEDS & "WANTS" to avoid putting pressure on us & those around us.

Meditative practices like  vipassana,  pranayam  complement in our inner awareness but the bottom line is to be clearly aware about our capabilities & not enter into  avoidable  race with the world & ourselves in the end.