Since times immemorial Man has been searching for the ultimate secret to remain young. The fact is that no one wants to grow old, although ageing is inevitable part of life.

Can we stop or reverse Ageing?

Sadly till date there is no remedy discovered to transform an old man to fine young chap or to reverse the process of ageing . However on the brighter side, Man has been successful in finding many  solutions to slow down the ageing process.  There are people we know who look much older and way beyond their age, as well as people who look much younger than their actual age. Film stars like Salman Khan(49years), Hema  Malini(66yrs),  Rekha(60 years), Sreedevi( 51 years), Anil kapoor(58years)  etc are all living examples of people who look much younger than their age. They have been able to slow down their ageing process and stay young. Even in their fifties and sixties they look so much younger. How the heck do they pull it off? What secret did they apply?  So what’s the secret to their great hair,pore-free complexion? Can anyone apply the same and remain young..!

Can you suggest some tips to slow down the ageing process?

 1. Quit smoking : Smoking damages the collagen and elastin found in the dermal layers, these are which provides  pliability and elasticity to skin tissue.This leads to an acceleration of sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Cigarette smoke also constricts the blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, which slows cellular production and growth. The effects begin to appear quickly. A 2002 study found that smokers as young as 20 years old can display wrinkles under a microscope.

2. Eat Right : You are what you eat, the saying goes. Foods containing antioxidants have been shown to neutralize free radicals by stabilizing them.  We recommend eating a diet rich in antioxidants, such as all colorful vegetables and cold-water fish like trout and salmon, food rich in vitamins C and E and beta carotene. A well planned individualised diet from a nutritionist certainly corrects the toxic effect and aids in speedy recovery.

3. Optimum sun exposure: Too much UV radiation can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging by destroying collagen and elastin. The sun's damaging effects on the skin is a specific form of external aging called photo aging. We recommend regularly using a sun block with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher when going out in the sun Additionally, covering skin with clothing offers substantial protection from UV rays.

4. Exercise: Ageing results in a loss of muscle mass which cause sagging of the skin and hence wrinkles. As we lose muscle fibres beneath our facial skin, the tissue droops. Luckily, this not only be decreased, its effects can even be reversed through resistance weight training. Exercise can boost self-confidence, release pleasure-inducing chemicals in the brain and bestow a sense of well-being, all of which repairs your body.

4. Reduce stress: Chronic stress shortens the lifespan of cells in the body . Eventually, first cells, followed by tissue, then organs succumb to it. Reducing the stress in your life is an internal anti-aging technique.Practising  positive visualization, learning time management, spending time with friends and family improving communication can all lead to decreased stress. A good yoga trainer can train you for effective distressing and relaxation techniques.

5. Sleep adequately: Sleeping minimum of 6 to 8 hours, is essential for recovery of daily wear and tear, it reduces the appearance of age, like wrinkles and the bags under the eyes.

6. Homeopathy: Consuming less of chemical based medicines and using more of natural &herbal based medicines can help to reduce ageing. Many drugs are capable of triggering  the release of free radicals which cause ageing. In our in house studies it has been noticed that people using homeopathic medicines for their various illness, since childhood age at as lower rate.

Specialised anti Ageing treatments and techniques at Amrita Homeopathy by integrating an individualised diet with homeopathy and yoga. We use the latest video microscopic hair and skin analysis for diagnosis and use techniques such as low level laser combs and spot puva A therapy where it is required for hair and skin problems.