Ageing is a process that results in changes in the human body over time. It includes both physical and psychological changes. In other words, ageing is a process of becoming older but the point is – it is only acceptable if these changes occur with time. Thus, there is a difference in healthy ageing and early ageing or premature ageing. Nowadays premature ageing is very common due to our unwholesome diet and stressful lifestyle.

One more thing, our ageing depends upon our quality of genes. So, we cannot manage them but we can improve their functions by strengthening the immune system hence can delay ageing.

No doubt ageing affects our personality, just to hide that we usually choose various ways. But they are actually dangerous for our body and decline our health.

Why can’t we adopt some natural ways to tackle these problems? Yes, there are some natural ways that can help you out from this problem. They are nothing but a nutritious diet, a healthy lifestyle and some natural supplements.

Foods That Can Reverse Ageing Naturally

1. Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are a great source of all kind of nutrients like vitamins and minerals (both macro and micronutrients). Among these leafy vegetables – spinach, broccoli, and parsley are rich in antioxidants (especially beta- carotene), magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins that help to promote youthful skin.

2. Fruits

Fruits are a great source that cover nutritional deficiency in our body. Especially, Vitamin C rich fruits are required for rejuvenation along with a protein-rich diet. Vitamin C is also helpful to strengthen our immune system which plays a major role to delay ageing. These fruits also help to maintain collagen fibre that keeps skin tight and firm along with that it detoxifies the body. Such fruits are – Pomegranate, orange, papaya, berries, kiwi, avocado, apple, etc.

3. Nuts

Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and raisins are a great source of vitamin A, E, antioxidants and omega -3 fatty acids that retain moisture, repairs dead skin, improve inflammatory conditions and strengthen the nervous system. Therefore, they provide adequate nutrition that lacks in our diet.

4. Oils

Vata dosha is responsible for early ageing. Moreover, all the wear and tear processes take place inside the body due to this vitiated vata. Thus, it reflects signs and symptoms in the body like - extreme dryness, roughness, dullness and wrinkles. Oil has the quality to pacify vata dosha in our body.

Almond Oil - Almonds are the rich source of vitamin A, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. It helps to manage degenerative changes of skin, hair and other body tissues. It repairs sunburn, retains moisture inside the body that keeps skin hydrated.

Olive Oil - Olive oil is rich in Vitamin- E and omega–3 fatty acids, which are effective to repair the oxidative damage in the body.

“You can use these oils in your food, even can apply locally. Almond oil can be used as a nasal drop for instillation, prefer 2 drops in each nostril, in the early morning”.

5. Ghee

Cow ghee has tremendous benefits that effectively slow downs the process of ageing. Ghee is a rich source of essential fatty acids or lipids that maintains the hormonal balance which in turn rejuvenates the damaged cells and nourishes the whole body internally as well as externally. A good option to be adopted if you really wants to delay ageing process.

6. Honey

Honey is a natural food that efficiently delays ageing. It has a lekhana (scraping) property that scraps out dead cells and toxins from the body. It is also a rejuvenating supplement that is necessary for the body.

7. Milk

Milk itself is a complete diet which is full of nutrients like– vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. Cow milk has got much importance as compare to other milk’s because it is very light to digest. It promotes the growth and development of the body hence prevents ageing. It is really positively impactful if you take in your daily diet, prefer in the morning.

8. Water

A main constituent of the earth as well as human body is water. Water keeps body hydrated and helps to flush out toxins from the body hence maintains proper functions of all the organs and delays ageing. So, ‘Drink plenty of water’.

9. Green Tea

Among beverages, green tea is the healthiest option to be adopted. It has an anti-oxidant property that resists the damage to the healthy cells. It helps to boost immunity as well as provides strength to the whole body, therefore prevents ageing.

Some other supplements – An adequate energy with various nutrients are packed in some great supplement foods like - Aloe vera, and Amla, they are helpful to tackle premature ageing.

Useful Tip: “Give preference to a colourful plate that includes all veggies, salads and fruits.”

“Instead of preferring external applications to hide ageing, give importance to a nutritious diet, it will help you to prevent ageing and also improves the quality of life.”