HELLO everyone! long time!

I had been thinking of penning down since long but sometimes it just doesn't happen. This piece is all about my frame of mind presently(hormonal imbalance may be). If I were to ever put down in words as to how to describe a woman I say-she is a piece of a beautiful musical chaos woven together by a thread of emotions! A woman is the creation of god for which even the creator would have congratulated himself and said- Ye Maine Kya Bana Daala? As a human being, I evidence and encounter all these emotions myself and also across the table in the consultation room. I see that more or less all the decisions of a woman's life are driven by an interplay of feelings. We all suffer also because of this at times. We cry, howl or maybe turn into fits of laughter because of an imbalance between these culprits but that's what separates us from the rest of everyone - THE HORMONES (Estrogen and progesterone). That's why maybe researchers were done in this regard and work is still in progress.

Right from the puberty to menopause we face a lot of changes in the body- physically, mentally, emotionally! Our life is too chaotic, isn’t it? A woman’s life is a continuum of hormonal upheavals that affect her moods from puberty to menopause a woman experiences a continuous cycle of hormonal fluctuations that affect brain chemistry and therefore their moods. But amidst this chaos of ours, we live our lives and we get woven into a beauty that emerges as a multitasker dependent strong woman.

Estrogen effects on moods are due to its ability to increase serotonin and beta-endorphins which are associated with positive mood states, as well as acetylcholine – your memory neurotransmitter. Many women may develop symptoms of depression, anxiety and mood swings as estrogen levels begin to fluctuate during the perimenopausal years. The largest concentration of the progesterone receptors is in the limbic area of the brain which is the centre of emotion. Progesterone has a calming effect on the brain, which suggests that the deficiency leads to varying levels of anxiety depending on the level of the imbalance. 

Why did I choose to write about this today?

 So the mental equation can be affected by the hormonal imbalance also, we do have our mood swings partly due to the hormones and its metabolites but most important aspect is to face the anxiety and depression in every way and to fight them back. but not always and in everyone's life this might be the answer. There could be so many other reasons for this, so go visit a counsellor. There will be ups and downs in everyone’s life but to never give up is the only solution. Change is the law of nature and Variety is the spice of life! It's absolutely alright to shout or vent out in between to maintain the sanity and of course the equation of the culprits that are the drivers of our vehicle. I have to confess I have both cried and laughed at the most inappropriate places inconsolably, now when I think back I would want to delete those moments forever to avoid embarrassments. So go visit a doctor in case you are feeling too low or anxious or there is anything to say- someone is always there to listen!

Mr Harivanshrai Bachachan Ji said- Mann ka ho to acccha, na ho toh aur bhi achcha!“ is the key to everything. We are busy wearing so many hats in life that we deserve to have all the shoes we want” 

"SLOW CLAPS" (For yourselves everyone) once daily is the recommended dose :)