It is the best season of the year for Mango lovers. This refreshing, juicy and healthy fruit welcome the summer season unlike any other. Also called the king of fruits, mangoes are rich in over 20 different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains magnesium, manganese, selenium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus which are very important for our body.

Here are a few health benefits of mango:

1. Good for the heart

Mangoes contains many constituents that protects us from a number of conditions that can affect the heart. It also reduces the risk of congestive heart failure and the deposit of plaque in the arteries.

2. Boosts immunity

Mangoes helps to enhance the immune system by countering bacteria and toxins. It also prevents us from getting cold or flu.

3. Aids weight management

Mangoes, when eaten in moderation, can help in weight loss. The phytochemicals in the mango skin acts as natural fat busters. Also, rich in dietary fibres, you feel full for a longer time, which helps in controlling snack cravings.

4. Improves eye, hair and skin health

Mango contains nutrients that help in improving eye, hair and skin health. 

5. Reduces cholesterol 

Studies have proved that mangoes are a zero-cholesterol fruit and also aids in reducing the cholesterol levels.