If there are clothes available according to your body type then why not have personalized workouts that work the best with your individual body type. To make it simple we have divided the most common body shapes in women in four different categories. The categories are: pear,straight, curvy and athletic.
Here are some easy tips to keep in mind when working out to get the best body shape.

Pear Shaped

Like an pear the body is wider from the base and thin from the top. This kind of body tends to show you heavy at the bottom. Tone up your arms and shoulders exercise to increase in size and tone down the bottom to find the balance between bottom and top. Shift the focus to the top.

Straight Shaped

Some women have a straight body and no curves at the top or bottom. If you have one of these bodies then you should probably start with a complete body toning program. Work out your glutes and thigh muscles to shape them up and add some curve to it. Reduce your waistline with some cardio workout and fat burning to make the top look curvaceous. Would you like your waist and top be the same ratio. Workout your deep abdominal muscle to pull in the stomach and tone up.

Curvy Shaped

Your bust and hips are wider than your waist line. This curvy body has curves which are fat and not muscles. Need to lose the fat. Tone your complete body to lose fat from arms, legs, thighs and chest. Do more of cardio and aerobics to burn off fat and look slim to perfect a curvaceous body type.

Athletic Shaped

If you have a wider shoulder than your hips you probably fall in this category. Workout on your core muscles and work on your glutes, thighs for the perfect shape.Get to know more about exercises for great butt.

For those who want to get into the technical details then here is how you can calculate your perfect figure according to your body shape. The basic formula is that your waist to hip ratio has to be 0.7. For eg: if your waist is 26 and your hips are also the same size then the ratio is 1. If your waist is 24 and hips 32 then your ratio is 0.75 which is considered a perfect ten figure.

Eat the right nutrition and do the right exercise and even you can get that ten on ten figure.