We have been living in a world where vaccination has become a major business nowadays.

When a baby is born it brings a smile not only to the faces of family members but also to the pharmaceuticals to whom it serves as a purpose of business. The family members being guided by the modern civilization do not hesitate to inject several dangerous needless foreign materials to the baby who has just born. 

According to various sources, vaccination business is one of the most profitable business industry in the world and likely to increase in the coming years even more. The so-called ultra modern people do not even hesitate to spend lacs on them and getting them done in various private institutions rather than govt. hospitals. Such hazardous practice is the face of our modern civilization and progress of the modern medicine. 

Homoeopathic point of view: 

For modern homoeopaths, it is now a challenge to show their presence in this vaccine business industry. Homoeopathy and homoeopaths as natural will be doing injustice for them as it will affect their bread and butter. But should the newborn be the medium for their bread butter? 

Homoeopathic medicines prove to have remarkable effects in this area not only to prevent the disease but also to provide further stronger immunity to the person. But the question is whether people will have faith in it? They are ready to spend lacs and it will provide them satisfaction. But homoeopathy which is very much cheap as compare to those creates a doubt in their mind and also to their social status. And various modern medicine articles and research add fuel to the fire.  

Well, it has been a question for quite some time and now its time to protect the world from the vaccine mafias and I do believe the Homoeopaths have a great role to play in this area so as the Government.