Caution about glamorous advertisement on Lasik laser for eyeglass removal using models, the grass is not as green as it seems if LASIK surgery is done in haste.

Must know facts about LASIK laser for eyeglass removal.

  • LASIK is refractive surgery to correct myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism.
  • For LASIK your eyes must be healthy, if you have persistent dry eyes, LASIK surgery may aggravate this condition resulting in burning sensation ad blurring of vision after LASIK.  
  • For LASIK cornea must have sufficient thickness because in reshaping of the cornea, you lose the thickness of the cornea and if your cornea is too thin, you are not fit case for LASIK. 1D of myopic correction consumes 35 microns of corneal thickness. The average thickness of cornea in Indian is 450 micron to 500 microns and after LASIK there should be around 300-micron thickness of cornea for the safety of eye in future.
  • Pupils are usually large in myopic people who undergo LASIK resulting in side effects such as halos, glares especially when driving in the night.       
  • LASIK for the treatment of high refractive errors are less predictable, because the very high amount of myopia may require removal of too much corneal tissue putting at high risk of vision complications. LASIK should not be undertaken before 21 yrs in male and 19 yrs in the female because myopic power increases by that age, you must have a stable vision before LASIK.   
  • There is no upper age limit but one should keep in mind that once you are 40 yrs old, you may still need reading glass due to presbyopia despite undergoing LASIK laser.