In India still awareness about proper allergy, asthma management is not developed, most of the patients just want temporary relief and quick relief; But these are chronic diseases with acute on exacerbations (means in between patients may be fine, again the allergy attack may be anytime with severe episodes too).

Like diabetes, as we do sugar testing, ideally allergy tests with a proper standardised method is very important (as of now modified skin testing after consultation with allergy specialist as the selection of allergens and immunotherapy for complete relief is a skill).

Once proper modified skin testing is done those simple precautions for the specific allergy can be guided so that unnecessary side effects causing antibiotics, antihistaminics, antiallergic, steroids can be avoided; again people have misconception or blind following that ayurvedic or homoeopathic treatment will completely cure the allergy, but it's not true as allergy progress (allergy march) is continuing sensitisation with allergens which are not visible as well food allergens sometimes difficult to make out as late phase reactions patients symptoms may after exposure to allergen or food after 6 hrs to few days.

Worldwide allergy management is since more than 109 yrs, but in India people are not aware that this is the only method by which root cause treatment with complete relief from allergy, asthma with stopping the progression of the disease as well preventing complications and improving quality of life.