The pancreas is digestive as well as an endocrine organ; helps in fat digestion and blood sugar maintenance, Inflammation of pancreas is Acute Pancreatitis; there are two main reasons one is Alcohol intake and other is Gallstone

Diagnosis is based on increased serum amylase and lipase level and the typical pain abdomen localized to the epigastric region and radiating to back; CECT abdomen is done after 72 hrs of onset of pain abdomen to assess the severity of acute pancreatitis. The course of the disease is counted from the day of onset of pain abdomen, Organ failure in the first 72 hr carry a bad prognosis and a high mortality rate.

The initial phase is body inflammatory response to pancreatitis and can last up to 2-3 weeks, during this phase chances of pancreatic infection is less; After 4th-week patient can develop pancreatic abscess and later on acute fluid collection may organize to pseudocyst. The first 2-3 weeks patients require critical care; Respiratory and Inotropic supports if required, Enteral nutrition should be started as early as possible; Most common indication of surgery in these patients is a Pancreatic abscess.

Acute Pancreatitis/Pancreas Necrosis/Biliary Pancreatitis.