Aging is inevitable.we all know we are growing old with each passing day, still, all of us desire to stay and look healthy, young and beautiful.i wish i had a magic wand to give eternal youth to my clients but that`s just a dream.however there are things which  if we take care, would surely help control signs of aging.

PROBLEMS IN AGING SKIN-most of us agree that as we enter middle age we start getting one or more of the following problems.

  1. dryness
  2. dullness
  3. pigmentation
  4. fine lines and pores
  5. loss of youthfullness
  6. wrinkles

In this article,i am not detailing the reason behind these concerns..rather I will focus on solutions.


 Have a well balanced diet with recommended ratio of proteins,carbs, micronutrients and even fats.ignoring fats would deprive your body,skin and hair of their protective and moisturizing benefits.aging skin would benefit from eating dark choclates, yogurt, green tea ,Olive oil ,Tomatoes ,pumpkin, carrots ,Kiwi, Eggs, chickpeas,sunflower seeds,walnuts,soy,kidney beans apart from lean fish and meat if you are a non vegetarian.


sleeping for 7-8 hours everyday at a fixed time( preferably early )sets your body and mind in a healthy rhythm which ensures better immunity, memory,clear thinking,weight control and also a healthy glowing skin.your body including skin needs time to rejuvinate.


exercise not only helps you loose weight but also improves your blood circulation,improves your health ,sets mood and sleep pattern.your skin and hair also benefit with this increases circulation.


just 10 minutes of care with right products and see a smiling skin

aging skin needs a good routine which should include-

  • cleanser-one should use ph balanced, soap free , non-foaming, cleanser since they don`t deprive skin of the essential moisture.
  • toners-their main purpose is to get the back the healthy skin ph,but one should try using alcohol free toners.cucumber water,rose water are natural toners.
  • exfoliation-as we age our skin looses its renewal capacity. exfoliants like glycolic acid,malic acid or lactic acid would help in uniform renewal and clarify the skin.once a week is good for most of us.
  • moisturizer-especially with hyaluronic acid,glycerin,vitamin e and aloe vera would make a good choice.
  • antioxidant cream -these products take care of the damage caused by free radicals in skin(due to sun,stress,pollution or simply aging) one should apply a cream containing niacinamide, coenzyme q 10,coffee berry extract or soy extract,just to name a few.
  • anti-aging creams-though the term is deceptive,still is the most commonly used to describe products which help in reducing signs of aging like fine line,patchiness,dullness.prefer using one with retinal,aha and peptides to name some.
  • sunscreen-using a sunscreen gets more important as we age.use a broad spectrum sunscreen each and every day of life,along with protective clothing and guarded sun exposure.


its important to see a qualified dermatologist and discuss your generally needs a combination of has options like-

  • botox- USFDA approved for wrinkles,proven  and standard results.
  • fillers-can impart a immediate youthfull appearance by filling up the loss.
  • hifu-latest kid on anti-aging block.indicated in skin lifting and tightening.
  • photofacial-effective to improve skin firming and strengthening.also improve sensitivity and blemishes
  • skin peeling/polish-lactic, glycolic ,ferulac peels not only remove dead skin but also brighten and tighten the skin.
  • non ablative radiofrequency-effective skin tightening by collagen re-modelling.

lots of my clients question why should they do these treatments because they are not permanent but then i wonder nothing is!nothing lasts for ever. Lets all live the moment in beauty.

live the moment in the most beautiful way possible.