In this current era of the Corona pandemic, the biggest question is that what can we do to avoid COVID-19 infection. In particular, senior citizens are at greater risk of acquiring this virus due to their poor immunity and multimorbidity. Therefore, senior citizens should take extra precautions in this corona pandemic.

The biggest confusion is that if we go to the hospital, we risk exposing with this infection, but if we stay at home, other diseases may get out of control. Therefore, given the current scenario, the safest approach might be to get a tele-consultation first. Thus, we will be able to decide whether to go to the hospital or not.


  • Stay at home.
  • Wear mask all the time.
  • Maintain a distance of 1 meter.
  • Wash hands after touching any surface.
  • Keep yourself active.
  • Get proper nutrition through fresh homemade hot food.
  • Drink warm water.
  • Talk with your family members, relatives and friends through calls or videoconferencing.
  • Regularly take your daily prescribed medicines.
  • Take care of your health. As far as possible tele-consult with your doctor (if needed).


  • Shaking hands or hugging your friends or close ones.
  • Self treatment.
  • Ignore other disease.