Adolescence (the phase of life stretching between childhood and adulthood should be redefined as lasting from ages 10 to 24 rather than the traditional definition of 13 to 19) - Scientists argue in an article published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.

Children now reach Puberty at an average age of 10 which is 4 years earlier than previous 14 years.

And the body continues to develop beyond 19 years, so say the scientists.

It is relevant in Indian Context where legal age to get married for girls is 18 and for boys is 21

Why is this discrimination?

Both boys and girls continue to get develop both Physically and Mentally.

Parents should stop marrying off their daughters at just 18+ or earlier.

The young couples are not ready for Parenthood as Adulthood begins much later.

According to the authors "Our current definition of adolescence is overly restricted and the ages of 10 to 24 years are a better fit with the development of adolescents nowadays"

Rather than age 10 to 19 years, a definition of 10 to 24, corresponds more closely to adolescent growth and popular understandings of this life phase would help the adolescents to cope better.

Another end of the spectrum is the Menopausal phase which can last till 50+ instead of 40+ when women had born a lot too many kids and nature had to put a Full Stop in a natural way.

At 50+ a young lady is friends with her own adolescent kids.

Make sure to get 2 basic tests done around 50

Ultrasound abdomen and Aspiration Cytology/Biopsy of the lining of the uterus to rule out many conditions responsible for a delayed Menopause.

The Best Teacher/ Counsellor for a teenager girl is her mother and for the boys, it is the father. Start taking kids into confidence at age 10+

Who knows that a Routine Tantrum of a kid at 10+ may be a growing to be an adult phenomenon?