Teeth mobility usually gets undetected by the patient. 

There are many underlying causes for a tooth to become loose, mostly it is due to depletion of the bone that surrounds the tooth.

  • This can happen due severe gum problems, trauma from occlusion (bite)
  •  Infection- pus, cysts, of the jaw.

A. Tooth mobility as a result of poor oral hygiene: 

  • In case of accumulation of tartar like in picture, it will consequently result in mobility, because the tartar is a colonization of various bacteria.
  • Such teeth can be stabilized by scaling and root planing.
  • Moderate  mobility cases, curettage (deep cleaning) will  retain the integrity of the  Gums.
  • Severe cases are treated with flap surgery with bone graft.
  • Extensively mobile teeth are extracted.
  • In case of infected teeth with pus, cysts teeth are extracted or treated with a root canal depending upon the necessity.

B. Prevention:

  • Proper maintenance of oral cavity by brushing twice daily and rinsing the mouth after every meal.
  • A professional clean up every six months.
  • If you are diagnosed with a systemic disease like diabetes, it will have a profound effect on your teeth and gums like other parts of the body, they will become weak, infected.

Always make it a point to visit your dentist, every six months. It is more important than you think it is. 


If a mobile tooth is extracted it can be replaced by a bridge or implant