Probiotics and Oral Care

We consume a large number of microorganisms along with daily course of food. These organisms are intentionally supplemented during food processing. These beneficial microbes are termed ' Probiotics'. Probiotics are edible microbes that provide health benefits.

How do these beneficial bacteria function in mouth- 

  1. Produce toxins against harmful bacteria.
  2. Modify pH of mouth which inhibits growth of harmful bacteria.  
  3. Stimulate immunity
  4. Compete with harmful bacteria for adherence to oral tissues.    

DENTAL CARIES are induced because of bacteria that belong to streptococcus mutans group. Adding probiotic organisms like Lactobacillus spp. formulation into the diet help in neutralization of acids in mouth. For example Cheese has ability to prevent demineralization of enamel and promotes remineralization. Regular consumption of yoghurt, milk or cheese containing probiotics leads to decrease in dental cavities.

GUM DISEASES are another problem involving Gingivitis which lead to redness and swelling of the gums. Probiotics containing L. reuteri added in chewing gums reduce the symptoms by adhering and releasing toxins for harmful bacteria. Treatment with lozenges containing the probiotic L. brevis for four days reduce the destructive phase and improve the conditions.

BAD BREATH is a symptom in which unpleasant odor is present in exhaled air. Causes including poor oral hygiene or disorders of gastrointestinal origin . ENT problems or metabolic problems. Mouth washes containing W. cibaria or Lozenges containing S. salivarius help in reducing bad breath.