In today's date, various treatments are available for cancer, some of them are effective, some of them are useless, and some are under experimentation. However, none provide with any suitable diet or lifestyle modifications for the patient. I am here today to shed some light this matter.             

 This should not be called a diet, but rather a change of lifestyle and addition of a few slight alterations to the regular lifestyle:

1. Eat more salads, salads are very good for health that is known by all but they have anti-cancerous properties as well. Raw onions, garlic, beet, carrots, cucumbers are very good. Try to have a salad with your regular diet. 

2. Fruits are very good and are rich in antioxidants which helps to excrete all kinds of toxins from the body. An apple a day keeps cancer at bay. But in fruits, all are not beneficial. There are some fruits you need to avoid if you are diabetic or having cancer, one of them being Mango as most of them are ripened with carbide. Have raw fruits instead of juice and if you want fruit juices to make it at home. Even when the patient does not want to eat or in a bedridden state, or hospitalise, you can give black grapes 3-5 every 1 or 2 hours or it juice in low quantity, this provides the patient with energy. 

3. If possible, try to have a lemon squeezed in a glass of lukewarm water every day in empty stomach or 3- 4 times a day. Vitamin C increase immunity which is very much needed in cancer patients.

 4. Avoid animal proteins especially red meat. No matter whatever advanced treatment you might be taking if you are having meat (chicken, mutton, beef, pork etc. ) it will never be cured and even if operated will have every chance of recurrence. You can have small fishes (sweet water fish) and egg white if you want.

 5. Avoid milk, instead, go for curd which is ve good, include curd in your daily diet best if made in the home. You can also have cottage cheese but in low quantity. For protein supplementation, you can have health drinks like Prosure, or Ensure the sugarfree one. 

6. Now the most important point. Remember it always and if you don't remember any of the points, still its ok but never forget this line "Sugar is the worst enemy for a Cancer patient".  Be as far as possible from sugar. Ban sugar in your life and even the artificial sweeteners available in the market. Any persons with tumours, tuberculosis and psoriasis should also remove sugar from their lives until they are cured completely. Cancer cells absorb sugar 19 to 21 % faster than normal cells in the body, even in PET scan glucose is injected, which is used to find where are the cancer cells located as this cell take glucose very quickly. Cold drinks are also included in this list. Glucose in even ORS should be avoided. If necessary give a solution of salt, lime, and honey. As for sweeteners, a patient can use honey (pure) or jaggery made from dates (pure).

7. Avoid all sorts addiction like alcohol, smoking or tobacco in any form.

8. Apart from all these alterations in diet, few lifestyle modifications may not only improve your health but also prevent many dangerous diseases such as cancer. Please avoid stress, and if you are living a stressful life try to reduce it with meditation or even counselling.

9. All sorts of mental trauma which do not find its expression are very harmful, those who bottle up their emotions are very much vulnerable to cancer. Many times in cancer there is always some history of Mental trauma, emotional upset, or insult which couldn't be swallowed. Expressing, ventilating your emotions is a very good method of avoiding diseases including cancer. Look out for your friends and family don't let them be alone. 

A Homoeopathic approach

We, in Homeopathy, treat the patient as a whole, from which we have seen that roots of all diseases lie in the past. There is are many trigger points from which a disease starts, these trigger points are both environmental and psychical.

What treatment you want to take is up to you but these few changes in lifestyle will always help you.