Health is a subjective condition that means to have optimal physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being than just the absence of any illness. (World Health Organisation)

Every molecule of our environment impacts our life in some form or the other, one of the areas being 'health'. Health and human psyche interact with each other in astonishing ways. Surprisingly, the way you think, feel, and behave most of the times is likely to change your health status! Since behavior is a practical aspect that we can be aware of and change, let us find out how health and behavior interact:

I can punch you hard!
  1. Hostility or Anger: Hostile behavior or aggressiveness has been observed to contribute to various short-term and long-term diseases, especially cardiovascular. The general physical symptoms of anger such as increased heart-rate, heavy breathing, increased body temperature, etc. are abnormal reaction to the body and hence are likely to affect the health.
There's no way out!
  • Depression: Symptoms of depression such as excessive lethargy, poor eating and sleeping routines are likely to affect the way in which our body responds to the environment. As a result, our health is likely to be negatively affected.
  • Anxiety and Worry: Constant worry and anxiety is a sign to be aware of as they contribute as a major risk factor for developing illnesses. Chronic anxiety and worry are likely to change the bodily reactions to the environment and hence affecting healthy adversely. It may lead to severe muscular tension, digestive disorders, and lower immunity.
  • Behavior and Health work hand-in-hand and have a cause-effect relationship. Therefore, one can cause the other or aggravate the existing symptoms. It is important that we keep our actions in check and hence maintain an optimal level of functioning in all areas of our life.

    Bringing about a change in our attitudes and negative thought processes regarding a certain situation can yield better health outcomes.