If a person fails to manage sexual behavior, there are possibilities that he/she might be suffering from sexual addiction. If the urge of sex starts to interfere while maintaining relationships, ability to work and complete daily activities, know that you are addicted sexually.

As per the sexologists, even a better degree of a person doesn’t even know that they are addicted sexually and trapped. They think it's natural and continue with normal activity. However, this is not reality. You must understand that you are addicted to sex if your daily activities get hampered because of sex.

The sex addiction can be problematic for most of the people as this event leads to other addictions like drugs or alcohol, which increases the urge of having sex. Individuals who suffer from this addiction fail to have any control over their sexual behavior. This can have a severe impact on the life of a person. Some of the factors of sexual addiction include regular pornography use, the habit of masturbating, voyeurism, exhibitionism, the act of having indecent sex and inability to resist the forces of sexual drive.

Some other terms used for sexual addiction are hyper sexuality, sexual dependency and compulsive behavior of having sex. Most often, it is known as nymphomania in females whereas satyriasis in men. The reason for this type of addiction is not yet clear. In case you are suffering from this problem, it is better to see the sexologist at the earliest.