Monsoon soon will be knocking at our doors! Dark clouds, strong winds and heavy rains, change into lovely climate and naturally, everyone longs for a plate of crisp bhajia and a hot cuppa tea! But soon this romantic venture turns into daily nightmare especially for parents of infants and school going children. Incessant rains, flooding and putrid garbage bring in a host of health epidemics like jaundice, typhoid, malaria, dengue, and other foodborne illness. With little support/help from the family health of children can be managed well during this period. 

Try these few health friendly tips to keep your children away from monsoon ailments:

  1. Drink clean and boiled water. Increase consumption of hot fluids like vegetable soup, chicken soup, hot chocolate, clear soups, green tea etc.
  2. Completely avoid eating unhygienic, uncovered roadside food, even if it looked tempting and hot, as it is often either reheated or refried.
  3. Have nutritious/ light/ hot home cooked food like Dalia, mung khichadi, sautéed veggies, paratha, muthia, dosa, idli with sambar, pancakes etc.
  4. Avoid raw/uncooked salads, chutneys, sandwiches, sandwich spreads, cold cuts, sushi etc. Wash fruits thoroughly before eating.
  5. Try to increase immunity by including foods like walnuts, flaxseeds, groundnuts, curds, soybean, tofu, almonds, sprouts, and whole grains like ragi, jowar, bajra etc.
  6. Clean and wash thoroughly all leafy vegetables before cooking. One can immerse veggies in mild lactic acid solutions or salt water, in order to remove dirt and kill germs.
  7. Do not eat left-over food. Humid and high temperature can increase the bacterial growth in leftover foods. Discard them.
  8. Keep children well covered during day/night to keep them safe from mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellants and gels which are safe for children
  9. Do not ignore any sniffles/ fever. Keep children well hydrated and contact doctor immediately.

 Let this rainy season be a season of joy for your little ones rather than illness!