A large population of India is new to Matcha Tea because we haven’t seen our mother or elders sipping a cup of Matcha tea. But don’t worry it isn’t that complex, Matcha tea is an adjustable ingredient which works sweat, savoury hot as well as cold. It is a mixture of both traditional as well as modern lifestyle. In every cup you will get 137 times extra antioxidants, a great combination of anti-ageing nutrients and not to forget, one cup of Matcha tea will give you nutritional content of 10 cups brewed green tea.

Matcha Tea And its History 

The Matcha tea came into existence into the early 8th century. It was a revolutionary step by Zen monks which made this tea different with healthier properties from others. Even though 1000 years ago China was using green tea but the Matcha tea came from Japanese. Zen monks consumed the Matcha tea along with its actual leaf instead of the traditional method of discarding the boiled leaves before drinking. Zen monks used Matcha tea to remain calm, alert and concentrated during the meditation. Because of it’s numerous of health benefits it has a significant value in the healthcare industry.

Now let’s find out why Matcha tea should be on the top of your Fitness Grocery List:

1. High in Anti-oxidants

We all come across this word many times. Antioxidants are the miraculous enzymes and nutrients which fights against the UV radiation, prevents numerous of life-threatening maladies, gives younger looking skin. All the health-conscious people seek antioxidants by consuming green veggies, raw fruits, and dark chocolates. However, one can easily get more than five-time antioxidants in comparison with other food (by ORAC method).

2. Loaded with Catechin, EGCg

All the antioxidants are not equal. The most beneficial and potent is catechins among the antioxidants. EGCg or epigallocatechin gallate is one specific catechin which creates 60 percent of catechins in Match tea. EGCg is popularly known for having cancer-fighting properties. In a study, in comparison Matcha tea has 100 times more EGCg.

3. Increases Endurance and Energy Level

Matcha tea has different combinations of nutrients such as L-Theanine which helps to improve the endurance without any side effects such as hypertension and nervousness. It is a clean energy drink which doesn’t come from caffeine.

4. Burns Fat

Matcha tea helps the body to burn fat and increases the metabolism about four times faster than other drinks. Unlike other diet aids, Matcha tea is without any side-effects such as high blood pressure or increase heart rate.

5. Detoxifies the Body Naturally

Camellia sinensis are sheltered to safeguard them against sunlight, three weeks before harvesting into Matcha. This results in an immense increase in chlorophyll generation in the plants. This gives a vibrant green colour to the Matcha tea and makes it a powerful detoxifier which is capable of removing chemical toxins and heavy metals from the body.

6. Fortifies the Immune System

The antibiotic properties of Matcha tea promote overall health. Not only this, a cup of Matcha tea provides you ample amount of Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Protein, Vitamin A, and C.

7. Improves Cholesterol

As per the study, people who consume Matcha tea regularly have a higher level of HDL cholesterol, and it also helps to lower the levels of LDL. People who drink Matcha tea are less prone to heart disease in comparison to those who don’t.

8. Boosts Concentration and Memory

L-Theanine is the production of serotonin and dopamine which helps to improve memory and enhance mood which promotes a good concentration power which is beneficial for everyone.

9. Enhances Calmness

Matcha tea has been used for an extended period by Zen monks and Chinese Daoists as a means to relax and alert during meditation. L-Theanine bolsters the production of alpha waves which gives relaxation without drowsiness.

Matcha tea is being used from a distant time by Zen monks, and now even common people are consuming it because it is full of health benefits. The main reason is the ingestion of actual leaves that are powdered. Now lead a healthy life with delicious Matcha tea.