"Walking"  is a common recommendation by any health care professional as one of the best exercise that can help us to maintain good physical and mental health. But in our busy daily schedules, many of us have an excuse to skip this walking. However, we try to compensate by doing a heavy walking or other exercise during weekend !!.. It may be a justification from our point of view, but the body still needs a daily exercise routine to maintain a proper health.

So what's the alternate ? Good news is, there is an alternate solution available from our ancient practice called “ 8 Walking” invented by Tamil Siddars ( Yogis). Western world call it as “Infinity walking”.

How to do 8 Walking? 

8 walking track measurement
  • It's like a normal walking, but you will walk in  8 shaped pattern . Here the 8 shape is formed by joining 2 circles of approx 6 feet diameter each in “South- North” direction (Pic Shown) 
8 walking in a Garden
  • You can create this 8 Shape,preferably in an open space like garden, balcony,Terrance, Car parking etc ( Pic Shown). Worst case you can do it in your living areas/ hall by placing 2 chair at a gap of 3 feets and start walking in 8 shape between the chairs.
  • Practice this in the morning or evening, in empty stomach. Preferable timing is 5 to 6 AM/PM. 
  • Start walking from south to north direction in clockwise for 15 min and then anticlockwise for 15 min. Total 30 min is good enough for a daily routine, but you can increase the timing based on your comfort.
  • Preferable to walk on a bare foot (without shoes) and concentrate on the 8 shape while walking. You can do breathing or OM Mantra chanting while doing the walk. Also you can use Yoga mudra while walking (like Prana Mudra)

What is the Benefits of 8 Walking?

  • As you walk in South – North direction, i.e. towards and against the earth’s magnetic field, the body get energized  and activates  chakras and all internal organs for normal functioning.
  • Due to 8 shaped walking style, all your body parts like legs, ankles, knees,abdomen, hip, hands, shoulders, neck, head etc. moves in a twist and turn pattern.So it gives a very good physical movement to all parts of the  body when compared to regular walking.
  • As you walk on bare foot, there will be pressure created at different points in your foot due to the contact with ground and  thereby activating all internal organs. Within few weeks  you see relief from any chronic disease (foot has the reflex acupressure points that are linked to the internal organ) 
Acupressure points
  • As you need to concentrate on the 8 shape while walking, possibly you will avoid chatting with friends or use of mobile and that will ensure proper breathing.
  • With regular practice you will notice  relief from  Headache,Digestive Problems, Thyroid, Obesity, Knee pains, Rheumatoid Arthritis, weight gain/ loss and constipation etc .This walking helps in balancing blood pressure.It  also reduces sugar level in the blood and reverses your diabetes and its complication within a year of regular 8 walking.

  • Helps you to calm down your mind and relieve stress .Refresh your body for daylong work.

  • It’s easy and very convenient for aged people who can’t go out for regular walking.

Practice “8 walking" and enjoy the good health. Reach out to me to know more about similar preventive and practical lifestyle changes through "Ayurveda wellness workshop" that can help you to keep your body and mind healthy.

 Health is Wealth. Be Healthy!!