Oral health is important at any time of the year but especially during winter seasons cold may harm the body, skin and even teeth due to the harsh weather conditions and may affect oral health.  

Here are few tips to keep your teeth safe and sound during winter season:

1. Limit tooth exposure to cold: Though teeth are hard yet are not resistant to cold weather. When temperature fluctuates, our teeth expand and contract which may lead to hairline fracture on the tooth surface. So, reduce tooth exposure time in cold weather, and try to wear mask or scarf to trap the heat near your face to prevent from the cold.    


2. Keep hydrated: Human body requires minimal eight glasses of water for optimal overall health, but drinking water also cleanses the mouth and keep bacteria away. Proper hydration also reduces the sensation of dry mouth and teeth against cavities.

 3. Safeguard the teeth during winter seasons: Cold air increases sensitivity and irritates the teeth. Use of desensitizing tooth paste and brush with soft bristles will help in eliminating these causes if not, reduce to minimal. Measures like avoiding cold drinks and beverages will also reduce the chances of tooth sensitivity.

4. Get rid of cold sores: Cold sores or winter sores as the name suggest are prone in winter seasons. Mostly seen on lips due to harsh exposure to sun. They go away with time but use SPF lip balm as a preventive measure.

                                                   FIG: COLD SORE ON UPPER LIP

5. Protect from illness: Common cold and flu are prone in winter seasons and may affect overall oral health. Washing hands regularly, making a safe distance from sick individuals and consuming lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits containing vitamins are some measures to be follow to have better winter.

6. Maintain proper oral hygiene: Maintaining oral hygiene during winter seasons is one of the important measure for good oral health. Brushing your teeth regularly and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash give better protection.

7. Play safe: Playing with snow, get cozy near the fireplace, etc are few elements which comprises the best part of winter season along with winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, etc but these winter sports are prone to accidents and may result in dental injuries like fractures of jaw, tooth or loss of tooth. So take necessary steps and precautions.

8. Visit a dentist: It is recommended to visit a dentist every 6 months for a regular follow up for good oral health.