Here are some tips to be happy:

  1. Take a deep breath when you receive your results.
  2. If you did well, as you wanted, celebrate.
  3. If you feel you could not have done better, there are ways to improve.
  4. If you are failed, don't worry, it is a test and it will not define the rest of your life. According to some reports richest person in the world, Bill Gates failed the 8th grade and he was also a college dropout, so single failure or multiple failures cannot define you unless you permit. So move on.
  5. Some tips to cool down; identify your fears, share it with your friends or family, think worst case scenario and please be prepared for any life event.
  6. Realize that you can't control everything.
  7. Try recovery from stress by reminding yourself of your positive qualities, exercise, open up your heart and mind to others, ventilate stress, mindful walk by Scent's of blossoming flowers, do yoga, meditation, dhyana.
  8. We are here to enjoy be happy and make others happy.