Falling rain, flowing water, floods, flowing drains, potholes, standing water are all gifts of monsoon. Habitual cleanliness and discipline in daily life are very important to not catch any infection. Along with lifestyle, diet plays a major role as to not have monsoon diseases like Common Cold, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Fever etc. During Monsoon, our body's immune system is hampered and thanks to the damp and humid climate, which makes the best season for microbes to penetrate and infect us.

Here are some of the dietary tips to be followed:

  • Wash Vegetables thoroughly: BLANCHING (Vegetables are put in boiling water for 2 mins & are taken out, which is immediately washed in running tap water) is found to be ideal for this season. Eat green vegetables more. If your immunity is weak, consider eating steamed veggies over raw salad.
  • Washing Fruits: Immerse your fruits in water with few spoons of Vinegar added to it for few minutes &  after removing, wash it in running tap water. Opt for mangoes, pomegranate, kiwi, strawberries, cherry, litchi & apricots.
  • Drink Warm Water: Drinking warm water & hot beverages like ginger tea, cardamom tea, jasmine tea, coffee are advisable. Also, eat hot food.
  • Buttermilk & Yoghurt:  It is considered to be one of the best substitutes for Milk as milk increases the chances of risk of bacterial infection.
  • Green Gram:  Whole grains like green gram is considered to be best for this season. You can take it in the sprouted form or as boiled. Other whole grains like chickpea, cowpea, rajma, etc are to be consumed in moderation as it is rich in sodium.
  • Reduce Sodium intake:   Try to reduce the excess salt in food as the sodium in salt increases water retention in the body, thereby increasing the chances of infection.
  • Include Spices:   Bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom all are very good to be included during the rainy season.
  • Include Herbs:    Tulsi Leaves, Mint leaves, Coriander leaves, neem leaves, etc are the best way to increase your immunity. Therefore, include it wherever possible.

All these diet and nutritional tips along with other preventive measures (the most important being wearing full-sleeved clothes to keep away from mosquito bites and COVID-19 precautionary measures) will help you to safeguard your health from the common monsoon diseases and enjoy the rainy season to the fullest.