Congratulations to new parents! Here is a list of important point to keep in mind as new parents:

1. Breastfeeding and nothing else

  • Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. No need to give water also as 80% breast milk is water.
  • Its easily digestible and contains all that you can think of which is good for the baby.
  • If the baby is passing min 6 to 7 times urine and gaining adequate weight, min being 15 to 20 gm/day then rest assured the baby is fine. Do not get intimated by what the world is saying, you are getting enough milk.
  • Emptying a breast while feeding is important as the milk that comes first at initiation of feeding is fore milk which is mainly water and the milk coming after some time is hind milk which is rich in protein and fat. Fore milk is important for quenching thirst and hind milk is important for weight gain and nutrition.
  • Mother's diet should be good as she has to feed her baby.
  • The most important for successful BF is position and attachment of the baby and stress-free environment /rest for the mother.
  • Meet your doctor is there is difficulty in feeding your child. You will be explained about position and attachment.
  • You can also express your milk and give with katori and spoon.
  • Mothers feeding will decrease chances of infection to the new born child as nothing foreign food is going and also the child will get immune substances from mothers milk which will make the child disease free.

2. Burping

  • Always burp your child after feeds. Studies show that at least 15 to 20 min should be given for burping in the upright position to the baby. 
  • This removes the gas from the stomach and decreases the colic and parental harassment. 
  • If the child is passing more gas from the anus then it shows that burping done is less.
  • Burping also decreases chances of vomiting in the child and helps in weight gain.

3. Right temperature monitoring

  • If the palm and soles are warm and child is comfortable then that is the best temperature for the child.
  • If its cold then wrap the child.
  • If palm and soles are warm/hot and child is sweating then keep the child in minimal clothes and place child in more cool environment.
  • A well maintained temperature around the baby helps in good metabolism and weight gain.

4. Jaundice

Common in children after birth. Meet your doctor after 2 to 3 days to look for it. More the child gets mothers milk, faster is the child cured from neonatal jaundice. If high then photo therapy is needed.

5. Say no to bottle feeding

  • Avoid bottle for feeding as there are always chances of passing infection to the child the most common being loose stool /diarrhea.
  • Increased chances of ear infection, teeth mal formation and occlusion in the future.
  • There is proper method as per guidelines to clean the bottle (yes its not simple cleaning)

6. Important to keep your child away from infections - Handwash and Asepsis

  • Minimal newborn handling is the MANTRA!
  • Minimum number of people should be handling the child. Those handling should regulalrly wash their hands. 
  • Person coming from outside the house should wash hands, feet and face before taking the child in his/ her hands.
  • Clothes stained with urine and stool should be immediately changed to avoid infection/rash.
  • Use clean cotton clothes.

7. Urine and stool pattern of a newborn till 6 months of age

  • A child on exclusive breastfeed may pass stool/poop 7 to 8 times per day to once in 7 to 8 days (the range is quite big). 
  • It's usually semi solid golden yellow (many times color may change).
  • So it is not diarrhea or constipation. If the child is comfortable there is no need to worry about the stool pattern. 
  • Also the other advantage of exclusive breastfeeding here is that no foreign substance going into mouth so there is no chance of infection and indigestion.

8. Google but always confirm with your doctor

  • Always and always follow your doctor's advice. 
  • You can always read about a problem on internet but clarify the query and doubt with your doctor as well.
  • Internet is flooded with both right knowledge (facts) and wrong knowledge (myths), the information should be clarified with your pediatrician.

Happy Parenting to all the new parents out there!