Drinking some water may help curb your appetite. But don't kill your appetite before having a nutritious meal. Use this method only to stay away from unhealthy snacks.

Never Go Hungry:

Skipping one meal may seem an easy solution but it isn't. This only makes things worse by doubling your cravings. An inner battle starts in which you may give up and eat more.

Green Tea:

During snack time, consume green tea. This way, you can avoid some unnecessary calorie consumption.


The right amount of physical activity in your life might also keep your appetite in place. Try it out once and see if it works.


Decrease the portion size and increase the frequency of your meals. This may help you suppress your appetite.

Manage Stress:

Another reason to manage stress is that it makes you eat something. As stress deprives your body of its energy reserves, you may eat too much. So, curb your stress to curb your appetite

Consume Enough Protein:

One good thing about eating enough protein-rich foods is that they keep you feel full for longer. This may help you stay away form snacking.