In the recent past years, depression has become a part of our lives, with the ever growing demands of the modern society which hardly gives us time to introspect about our daily routine life. We are so involved in the superficial world and in keeping up appearances that we ignore foreseen problems in our lives whether they are emotional or financial.

Let's look at some of the ways to fight regular depression cycles that we all face in our lives:

  •  Reduce social media activity- One should look to reduce the time spent on social media where often everything is glamorized and depicted in over the top manner. In the time saved one should dedicate it towards reading a book. This will significantly help you in diverting your mind and reducing the stress levels.
  • Take a day off- When feeling de-motivated and upset take a day off from your routine life and go explore the city, visit museums, historical monuments, catch a movie or eat out. This will help you look at life from a different perspective, which may help you find a way to be more positive.
  • It’s okay to cry- Psychologist state that it is better to cry sometimes especially for men when they no longer can hold on to a negative emotion. This instantly gives relief both within the heart and in mind and helps in thinking more clearly.
  • Share your emotions- It is important to share your emotions with someone who values them, it lifts the burden of the problem to an extent and makes us feel more important. In case, you can’t trust anyone it is advisable to consult a psychology expert.
  • Spend time with people who matter- It's in your best interest to spend more time with your friends and family when you are depressed. This makes you realize that your problems don’t only affect you but also your loved ones, being together at times solves more than half of the problems.
  • Eat your favorite food- When feeling low order or make your favorite culinary delicacy, enticing your taste buds instantly helps in improving your mood and think more optimistically about life. At the end, we all earn money to eat food and maintain a lifestyle.
  • Take a walk- Take a long walk alone or with your loved one in a park away from all the pollutants and automobiles. This will freshen up your mind and soul and help in facing things with a rejuvenated outlook.

One fact that is important to note is that clinical depression which persists for more than 2 weeks should be brought to the notice of a psychiatrist and help should be sought for a healthy recovery.