1. Stay in motion: The golden rule of joint health: The more you move, the less stiffness you'll have.

2. Keep your weight under check: Even a little weight loss can help. For every kg of bodyweight you lose, it takes 5 kg of weight off the knees. 

3. Stretch after activity: Flexibility helps you move better. Try to stretch daily or at least three times a week after a light warm-up exercise.

4. Low-Impact exercise: The best choices of activities are those that don’t lead to heavy strain or load on your joints, like walking, cycling, swimming, and strength training.

5. Safety first: Padding up is your best friend. Always wear protective gear while playing contact sports

6. Keep your bones strong: Calcium and vitamin D can help you do that. Dairy products are the best sources of calcium, but other options are green, leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. 

7. Perfect your posture: Stand and sit up straight to protect joints all the way from the neck down to your knees.

8. Treat joint injuries: They can add to the breakdown of cartilage in your joints. Take steps to avoid more damage.