Physiotherapist work closely with patients in hospitals ,nursing homes, schools and in outpatient clinics.

Some physiotherapist even come to your home if the patient have travelling issues.

Not every physiotherapist is perfect for every patient. Here are 7 signs that you should look out for and know when it is time to change your physiotherapist:

1. You have no rapport with your therapist - Rapport is highway that connects patient to physiotherapist. Building rapport with patient is one of the most important skill to allow patient to openly express their problem to the physiotherapist.

2. Your physical therapist does not listen to you

3. It is difficult to get an appointment time

4. If you notice improper billing

5. If your physiotherapist only provides passive treatment - Your doctor should set few sets of short term goals and few long term goals in regard to your problem and he should be motivating enough to attain those goals.

6. Lack of personal attention and care

7. If treatment is not provided by a licensed professional