You must have seen many people who are older than their age. Except for some exceptions, bad lifestyle is responsible for most people being older than they are. The way we live and live our lives, itis directly impact on our mental and physical health. This poor lifestyle is gaining prematurely. Age gradient is a normal process. It can not be stopped. However, the problem occurs when a person of 30yrs starts to feel like 40yrs. That is bigger than your age. The key reason foraging is an irregular lifestyle, wrong eating habits, insomnia, excessive intake of fast food and living lifestyle.

Here is the list of things, which is directly responsible for the ageing:              

  1. Wrong Food - The biggest hand in Aging is the wrong food. Fast food has replaced green vegetables and fruits. People prefer to eat outside instead of home. Actually, the balance between taste and health has gone wrong.  
  2. Lack of exercise - Exercise helps in toning your muscles and increases blood circulation. Regular exercise shows a different brightness and energy on your skin, which helps to keep the effects of aging away.       
  3. Lack of sleep – Do you know your skin gets repair in the night while sleeping? Not taking the ample amount of sleep will also enhance the problem of aging. In today's lifestyle, everyone is so busy, so that no one is able to take enough sleep and because of this, well invite not even aging but other diseases too.         
  4. Excessive alcohol Consumption – Alcohol makes our skin dry from inside. skin that's dry from the inside out not only wrinkles more quickly than nice, the moist skin does, but it can take on a pale or grey cast -- a condition that is exacerbated by the fact that alcohol also robs the body of vitamin A -- an antioxidant that's critical for cell renewal and turnover.
  5. Smoking - Smoking Cigarette is fashion. If you smoke or spend time with smokers, then cigarette smoke increases the risk of aggravation, because smoking cigarette causes significant damage to the health, which clearly affects our skin. Simultaneously, cigarette smoke increases wrinkles and dryness on the skin.        
  6. Stress - It would not be wrong to call it the 'biggest' donation of a metropolitan lifestyle. Stress pulls the face muscles, the stereotypes of anxiety appear on your face. 
  7. Lack of water Intake - Water not only prevents the problem of ageing but also makes the skin healthy and glowing. But due to a sedentary lifestyle, people forget to take care of their health, which includes the skin care as well. Nowadays everyone prefers cold beverages instead of water, which is acidic, which affects skin a lot.

By improving these habits and altering lifestyle, we can move away from the effects of ageing.