· Stop bottle feeding early. Giving a sugary drink at nap time or night can be harmful to children with teeth, because the flow of saliva decreases during sleep. Saliva helps to wash away the sugars.

· Limit your child’s consumption of sugary foods and beverages. The acid produced by bacteria in plaque in combination with the sugars and starches in the diet, attacks enamel on the teeth, and eventually causes decay.

· Make sure your child’s diet includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and dairy products. The nutrients found in these foods are important to his or her growth and health.

· All canned foods, dairy products, breakfast cereals, and even fruits and vegetables contain sugars. The best time to eat these is during meal time, not as a snack.

· Limit the snacks to a few per day and make sure they are nutritious and not junk food.

· Chocolates, cakes, and starchy snacks, should be reserved for special occasions, not every day snacking.

· Ensure your child brushes twice a day and gargles after every meal, to eliminate food debris that leads to harmful plaque and bacteria, and causes tooth decay.