1. Eat Healthy Stay Well

  • Your wellness and quality of Health depends entirely on the quality and quantity of food you eat
  • Eat 1/4 portion less than your actual appetite, to ensure proper digestion
  • Avoid drinking water with meals. Make habit of having a glass of water 1 hour before and after meals
  • Take your meals at proper timings. Avoid skipping meals
  • Eat only when hungry, not otherwise. It avoids problems like hyperacidity, gastritis, bloating etc

2. Stay Physically Active

  • Exercise daily to improve your stamina and immunity
  • Do not indulge in heavy physical work or exercise just after meals
  • Do not exercise without warming up
  • Include gym, yoga, swimming, aerobics or dance or any physical activity in your daily routine

3. Take Care of your Eyes

  • Wash your eyes with Trifala water each morning
  • Watch television from atleast 6 feet distance
  • Avoid watching Television or working on computers for very long hours
  • Use any herbal eye drops daily
  • Wear glasses if going in sun or dust
  • Sleep gives you an opportunity to carry out repair work in the body. Do not compromise on sleep for a healthy and blissful life
  • A good night's sleep (6-8 hours) is the hall mark of a power packed fresh day
  • Wash your face and feet with lukewarm water, whenever you come home from outside
  • Make a habit of having dinner atleast 2-3 hours before you sleep

5. Learn to Relax

  • Take a long deep breath, closing your eyes - visualise inside and observe the air coming in and out. Repeat it 10 times and freshen your mind
  • Try to avoid unnecessary stress
  • Practice meditation daily for atleast 15 minutes
  • Take short relaxing naps many times throughout the day. Just close your eyes and try to think nothing for some time

6. Always Use Herbal Products and Medicines

  • Always use herbal products for your daily needs
  • If the condition is not severe always use Ayurvedic Medicines 
  • Rather than using artificial room fresheners, use herbal room fresheners
  • Use organic products in your kitchen and avoid synthetic chemicals

7. Keep Proper Record of Your and Your Family's Illnesses

  • Always seek professional medical advice for your health problems. Avoid self diagnosis and medication
  • Make a proper file for all your doctor's prescriptions, blood reports, investigations and discharge summaries
  • Always carry this file whenever you visit your doctor 
  • If you are advised antibiotics, discuss properly with your doctor about the duration of the medicine course
  • Always take full course of medicines and never stop the treatment in between as it may worsen the condition