You see so many fit people around you. They do attend social gatherings, office meets, they are having the same life as you have and yet they somehow manage to be fit and healthy. It's not they have ultimate metabolism or it's in their genes. It’s simply that they have certain habits that renders them fitter than most others. Wishing to be like them? Here’s how you can do that and make ‘fit’ a part of your life!

Chew food thoroughly

It is not so difficult to replace one meal with another. We are not saying it is wrong. In fact its good you are cautious about your food choices. But more than this, chewing and taking time to eat your food plays a crucial role to be fit. This helps in satiating your food craving and reduces your amount of intake of the same food. People who are fit avoid drinking juices and colas that simply provide only sugar to body. Instead grab an apple that contains fruit based sugar along with fibers and vitamins.Get more information on importance of high fiber foods.

Drink enough water

It’s not about drinking 12-15 glasses of water only. Lot of fit people can even drink more water per day. The idea is not to overload yourself with too much of water but drink plenty of it. How much water you need is dependent on your body weight, physical activity, lifestyle factors and environment. But drinking enough of water keeps you hydrated, reduces craving for junk food, keeps your body functioning and many more.Read about health benefits of drinking water.

Enjoy doing exercise

Controlling food intake is one part. Those people who are fit also make time for exercise. Most important is to love what you are doing. Pick any exercise of your interest and trust us, this could be the best addiction for you. It could be a quick run, aerobics class, any sport that you enjoy. Make a rule - Diet and exercise always goes hand in hand for your healthier future.Get more information on why exercise for weight loss, instead of dieting?

Avoid too much alcohol

You know alcohol contain calories. But it also does a lot of damage. Your liver takes time to process alcohol and while processing, it promotes fat storage in your body. It usually takes 2 days to process the alcohol. So, if it is really required, you can definitely splurge yourself, but in a controlled manner.

Keep moving

To lose 1kg weight in a week, you need to burn 500 calories. Also, an average person consumes anywhere between 1700-2000 per day. Therefore, it is important to stay fit throughout a day. Fit people generally keep moving. Their ways could be a short walk post their meals or can be something like walking their pets or taking the kids to the park. These little activities will help you to stay fit.

Last smart trick to be fit!

If you want to adopt these habits, be slow and smart. Add them in your bucket one at a time. Once it’s in habit, pick the second one. This way you will be able to adopt all the 5 habits in your day to day life.