Almost daily we hear or read about the importance of maintaining our physical health. There is abundant advice available, concerning food, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle etc. What we do not hear often are the values or virtues of maintaining our mental health.

What is mental health and its well being? Mental health is a broad term that includes anything to do with our mind – the seat of behaviour, emotions, and thinking. Mental well being is simply when all the previously mentioned characteristics seated in the mind are working in tandem,or in harmony. It is also sometimes known as mental hygiene. When we behave well, when we think positively and when we experience and express good and positive emotions -  then it is our mental well being achieved. This also leads to having a fuller and more satisfying physical health, i.e. A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body.

So how do we then look after our emotions, behaviour and thinking?

The following are some Do’s & Dont’s that will help us improve our mental well being. This list is not exhaustive, but by practising even some of the tips, our lives will become richer, happier and more satisfying.


  1. Organize you life - start by organizing every single day. Remove clutter from your home, cupboards, tables, your work space and more importantly - your mind. You will find an amazing change within a few days.
  2. Identify your strengths as well as weaknesses - and break the journey towards your goal into several doable chunks, and take one step at a time.
  3. Accept and value yourself for what you are. Determine and live your personal values.
  4. Eat well, sleep well, exercise and look after your physical health. People don't challenge dead horses.
  5. Develop some interests or hobbies in life - at times loosen yourself and enjoy life. Its a beautiful gift that Almighty has given you, hence celebrate it.
  6. Take time out for meditation and prayer regularly. It helps you focus on your inner self.
  7. Practice GRATITUDE. It is the ultimate feeling.


  1. Don't remain idle. Make lots of friends, spend time with your family - both give you joy and help you keep mentally stable.
  2. Don't become complacent. Take risks, think out of the box.
  3. Don't fish for praise or compliments all the time. Your happiness should not depend on hollow words of praise.
  4. Don't hate anybody. This is the darkest of emotions, and the deadliest.
  5. Don't compare yourself with others. Remember, in the whole wide world, there is only one YOU.
  6. Don't get angry or upset easily. It takes the focus away from your goals.
  7. Don't blame yourself unnecessarily. Some people have the habit of blaming themselves for everything happening around them. How can you be responsible for floods, tsunami and typhoon?