Now-a-days gym workout had become an important part of life. But sometimes although exercising regularly, we cannot see the results we want. However we should not give up our fitness program, maybe the problem isn’t the exercise itself but the way you’re exercising.


Many trainers directly put their attention on more specialize, advanced and relatively ineffective exercises instead of wasting their efforts and time on essential basic exercises in their workout session. Thus, one should not stick on performing too many auxiliary exercises which can either waste time and also it delay progress.


Sometime trainers fail to put attention to take necessary steps towards injury until and unless it becomes a serious injury.  So they should better firstly cure the injury as soon as possible before it becomes serious and become an obstacle towards your workout session.


 During exercising people will need to drink twice the amount throughout the day. Even mild dehydration can lead to significant decrements in mental and physical performance. In case of heavy-sweater, there will be need of some electrolytes drink like glucose drink, which will help to regain the fluid you’ve lost during workout.


Women & Men spend too much in sitting position which leads to tightening the muscles. To help restore proper range of motion around joints, at a minimum every man & women  should spend time stretching these muscle groups. If these problems will be neglected, it can lead to pain your body parts.

5.)  SIT-UPS:- 

One should core stability exercises like planks as they activate the core musculature to a greater extent than crunches. These exercises will helps to open up the midsection a bit and teach the core to create stability through the midsection. It will decrease your back from stress, improving your posture.


Since machines don’t allow you to use your core to stabilize your midsection while going through the range of motion, thus machines are called as less functional, as you would in every real life movement. On the other side, the results of free weights give you various kind of exercise, also the result is a dynamic, highly effective strength-training exercise.


Pain may occur after doing core stability exercise like benching or squatting. There should be a coach to learn proper exercise technique and program design strategies. This will help you to ensure safety along with your strength and mass gain, with minimum injury risks.

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