Doctors take great care in treating their patients.For them, your comfort, satisfaction and good health are of top priority. But have you ever wondered what you can do to make your dentist’s work more easy and convenient? Here are commandments for a good patient.

1. Reveal your drug allergies: drugs are given to you by any dentist or doctor previously often may not have responded well to your body leading to allergic reactions.Always make a note of such drugs and intimate the dentist regarding the same to avoid such incidents.

2. Reveal your medical history: are you diabetic or have a heart problem? Never forget to mention regarding your general health and never hide such information from your dentist. These medical issues may impact the treatment to be provided to you.

3. Communicate clearly: always inform your dentist what are your set expectations for the treatment to be received.

 4. Listen patiently: a good rapport is a key to a good relationship. Always listen and understand whatever instructions or procedures are being explained to you. Do not hesitate to ask the dentist to explain the procedure in simple words which you can understand.

5. Set realistic expectations: remember your dentist can only do what is best for you.No one can revert things which are beyond repair.

6. Have faith: trust your dentist’s knowledge about teeth. Do not get distracted by misconceptions spreading to the public and those who are not in the same field of expertise.

7. Co-operate to your best: it is often very difficult to deal with the procedures which you undergo on the dental chair. But understand that your dentist is trying their best to make you feel safe and comfortable. Try to extend your cooperation for a good treatment.

Your dentist’s smile lies in yours.